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1.                 Assessments

A.                  Regular Monthly Assessments for Common Expenses. There shall be monthly assessments (the “Regular Assessments”) of each Owner for payments to the Common Expense Fund. Both Regular Assessments and Special Assessments shall be equally assessed, on a per Unit Basis and NOT computed based on the individual Owner's Percentage of Common Interest Ownership. The Regular Assessments shall commence as to each Owner on the date of delivery of a Deed to the Condominium Unit from Declarant to the purchaser thereof, and Regular Assessments shall be due on the first (1st) day of each subsequent calendar month thereafter, without notice.

B.                  Common Expenses, Assessments. Each Owner shall be bound and obligated and agrees to pay, as assessments therefore are made during his tenure of ownership, (i) his or her pro-rata part and share of the utilities and the expenses of administration, maintenance, repair, upkeep, protection, replacement, and operation of the Common Elements, (ii) assessments made by the Board of Directors and/or the Association, and (iii) any other expenses lawfully agreed to by the Association or the Board, as authorized by the Act, this Declaration or the Bylaws, all of which expenses are included in the term “Common Expenses.” The Board of Directors shall be responsible for levying and collecting Special Assessments and Regular Assessments for the Common Expenses.

C.                  Reserves for Assessments. The Board shall establish an annual budget in advance for each fiscal year and such budget shall project all Common Expenses for the forthcoming year which may be required for the proper operation, management and maintenance of the Condominium, and may include a reasonable allowance for contingencies and reserves. Such reserves may include, without limitation, an adequate reserve fund for the maintenance, repair and replacement of those Common Elements that must be replaced on a periodic basis, and shall be payable in regular installments fixed by the Board rather than by Special Assessments. The Assessments for each year shall be established by the adoption of an annual budget by the Board. Copies of the budget shall be delivered to each Owner, although the delivery of a copy of the budget to each Owner shall not affect the liability of any Owner for any existing or future Assessments. Should the Board at any time determine, in the sole discretion of the Board, that the Assessments levied are or may prove to be insufficient to pay the costs of operation and management of the Condominium in any fiscal year (including a deficiency resulting from the nonpayment of Assessments by certain Owners) or in the event of a casualty loss, then the Board shall have the authority at any time and from time to time to levy an additional Assessment in an amount it shall deem to be necessary for that purpose. Upon purchasing a Unit, the Owner will deliver to the Association an amount equal to one (1) month's Assessments, which will be added to the replacement reserve.

D.                 Assessments

i.                     Special Assessments.   Special Assessments may be made by the Board at any time, and from time to time, to meet other needs or requirements of the Association and the Condominium            including, but not limited to, Special Assessments for costs of capital improvements. However, any Special Assessment equal to the product of Five-Thousand Dollars ($5000.00) multiplied by the factor equal to the percentage of the individual condominium ownership (i.e. 2.22% = .022) against any Owner, whether in one sum or in total, during any calendar year (except for repair or replacement following casualty, as contemplated in Paragraph 14.B, as to which no Owner approval shall be necessary), shall not be levied without the prior approval of either said Owner or more than fifty percent (50%) of the Percentages of Common Interest Ownership of all Owners. Notice of Special Assessments shall be sent by the Association to each Owner. The due date of any Special Assessments shall be the due date specified by the Association in such notice; provided, however, that such due date shall in no event be less than thirty (30) days subsequent to such notice.

E.                  Assessments as Capital Contributions. Assessments levied by the Association against each Owner pursuant to this Paragraph 11.E which are expended on capital expenditures, or which are set aside as a reserve for future repairs of improvements within the Condominium (whether or not such repairs or improvements would otherwise be considered capital in nature pursuant to Section 263 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, the “Code”), shall be treated as capital contributions by such Owner to the Association and shall be shown on the books of the Association as such. The Association may elect to be governed by the provisions of Section 528 of the Code for a taxable year by filing Form 1120-H (U.S. Income Tax Return for Home Owners Association) if such election would allow the Association to reduce its federal income tax liability or related expense for such taxable year. The provisions of this Paragraph may be amended by a majority of the Board if in the sole discretion of the Board, such action is necessary to conform to any change in the Code, or any Treasury regulation or ruling promulgated thereunder. Notwithstanding anything contained in this Declaration to the contrary, any amendment to this Paragraph 11.E duly authorized by the Board shall not require the consent of any Owner or Mortgagee.

F.                  Computation and Apportionment of Assessments. Except as otherwise provided in this Declaration, all Assessments levied against Owners to cover expenses of the Association and the Condominium shall be computed and apportioned among and paid by Owners in accordance with the Percentage of Common Interest Ownership assigned to such Owner's Unit without increase or decrease for the existence of any rights with respect to the use, existence or lack of existence of Limited Common Elements appurtenant to such Unit. The amount of Common Expenses assessed against each Unit shall be the debt and obligation of the Owner of said Unit at the time the Assessment is made, and the subsequent transfer of his or her ownership of said Unit shall not terminate the outstanding obligation. Assessments shall be due and payable at such times, as the Association shall determine, commencing (as to Owners other than Declarant) on the date of delivery of a Deed to a Condominium Unit from Declarant to the purchaser thereof. After the initial period set forth in Paragraph 11.G, Declarant shall bear all Assessments levied against Units owned by Declarant in accordance with the aggregate Percentage of Common Interest Ownership assigned thereto.

G.                  Payments by Declarant in Lieu of Assessments. From the date of the initial Assessment until the period of Declarant’s control terminates, as set forth in Paragraph 8.H, the Declarant shall periodically pay to the Association  the amount equal to all Actual Operating Expenses (as hereinafter defined) of the Association, less the Actual Operating Expense portion of the Assessments attributable to Owners other than the Declarant. For purposes of this Paragraph 11.G, the term “Actual Operating Expenses” shall mean those expenses reasonably necessary for the normal maintenance and operation of the Condominium in order to provide the level and quality of services set forth in the budget initially prepared by Declarant

H.                 Default for Failure to Pay Assessments. An Owner shall be in default for failure to pay a Regular Assessment or a Special Assessment if the same, or any part thereof, is not paid to the Association in full on or before ten (10) days after the due date for such payment, and such Owner shall be subject to a late fee as determined by the Board. Regular Assessments and Special Assessments in default shall bear interest at the lesser of the maximum lawful rate or the rate of eighteen percent (18%) per annum from the date due until paid. Each Owner shall be, and remain, personally liable for the payment of all Regular Assessments and Special Assessments which may be levied against such Owner by the Association in accordance with the Condominium Documents, and any unpaid Regular Assessments and Special Assessments, together with late fees and accrued interest thereon, owed with respect to a Condominium Unit may, at the option of the Association, be collected out of the sale proceeds of such Condominium Unit in accordance with the Act. No successor in title to a Unit shall be deemed to have assumed personal liability for any obligation to pay Regular Assessments or Special Assessments which were due and owing at the time of conveyance to such successor unless such successor agreed to assume such obligation, but this shall not affect or impair the validity of the lien hereinafter provided for. In addition, to the extent permitted by law, Declarant hereby grants to the Association, without recourse, a lien against each Condominium Unit in accordance with Section 51.002, Property Code, Vernon's Texas Code Ann., as the same may be amended from time to time, to secure the payment of any Regular Assessment, Special Assessment, or any other amount which may be levied hereunder, which lien may be enforced by power of sale as provided in such Section 51.002, and the expenses incurred in connection therewith, including late fees, interest, costs and attorneys' fees, shall be chargeable to the Owner in default. In no event shall the Association foreclose a lien securing the payment of Assessments consisting solely of fines. Each Owner, by acceptance of the Deed to his or her Condominium Unit, agrees that the Association and its designated agents have the authority, right and power to enforce the above-described liens for Assessments by all legal methods available for the enforcement of liens, including nonjudicial foreclosure pursuant to Section 51.002 of the Texas Property Code, as amended. Such liens shall be subordinate, secondary and inferior to: (i) assessments, liens and charges in favor of the State of Texas and any political subdivision thereof for taxes that are due and unpaid on such Condominium Unit; (ii) any First Mortgage filed for record prior to the date payment of such Assessment for Common Expenses became due and payable provided they become due and payable prior to the date the holder of the First Mortgage acquires title to the Condominium Unit; and (iii) all liens securing any loan (including loans made by Declarant) made to a purchaser for any part of the purchase price of any Unit when such Unit is purchased from Declarant. The Board or Managing Agent may, but shall not be obligated to, elect to prepare and execute a notice of assessment (a “Notice of Assessment”) which sets forth the amount of the unpaid indebtedness, the name of the Owner, and a description of the Condominium Unit, and may record the Notice of Assessment in the Real Property Records of Polk County, Texas. Notice of an unpaid Regular Assessment, Special Assessment or any other amount and such lien in favor of the Association, may, but need not necessarily, be recorded in the Real Property Records of Polk County, Texas Recordation of this Declaration shall be deemed constructive notice of the inception and creation of the lien described above. The lien for Common Expenses herein provided for may be enforced by the Association by foreclosure of and on the Condominium Unit owned by the defaulting Owner, without prejudice and subject to the aforesaid prior and superior liens, in the same manner as nonjudicial foreclosures under mortgages on real property located in the State of Texas; provided, however, at any time prior to the foreclosure sale, the Owner of the Condominium Unit to be sold at such foreclosure sale may avoid foreclosure by paying all amounts due to the Association. No foreclosure suit or sale thereunder shall affect or impair any of the prior liens above mentioned. The Board of Directors or any person authorized by it, acting on behalf of the Association, shall have power to bid on the Condominium Unit being foreclosed at the foreclosure sale, and to acquire, hold, lease, mortgage or convey the same on behalf of the Association; provided, however, the Owner of the Condominium Unit purchased by the Association at the foreclosure sale may redeem the Condominium Unit within ninety (90) days after the date of the foreclosure sale in accordance with Section 82.l 13(g) of the Act. All funds realized from any foreclosure sale shall be applied first to the costs and expenses of filing and prosecuting the foreclosure, including all trustee's and attorneys' fees, and then towards payment of the indebtedness, and the remainder, if any, shall be paid over to the Owner or Owners as their interest may appear. In the event the proceeds realized from the foreclosure sale, applied as aforesaid, shall be insufficient to pay off and discharge the whole amount of the assessments sued on, then the purchaser acquiring title to such Condominium Unit at such foreclosure sale, whoever he or she may be, other than the Owner sued, shall not be liable for the deficiency, but such deficiency shall be deemed a Common Expense, collectible from all Owners, including the purchaser at the foreclosure sale, on a pro-rata basis as in the case of other Common Expenses. The defaulting Owner shall remain personally liable to the other Owners paying such deficiency, and the Association may pursue recovery of such deficiencies from the defaulting Owner.

I.                    Additional Remedies. The Association may, in addition to its rights under Paragraph 11.H above and the Act, enforce collection of delinquent Assessments by suit at law for a money judgment, and the expenses incurred in collecting unpaid Assessments, including interest, costs and attorneys' fees shall be chargeable to the Owner in default. The Board may resolve that an Owner in default shall not be entitled to vote at any meeting of the Association so long as such default is in existence, unless otherwise provided in the Act.

J.                    No Exemptions from Liability for Common Expenses. No Owner may be exempt from liability for his or her contribution toward the Common Expenses of the Association and the Condominium by waiver of the use or enjoyment of any of the Common Elements or any part thereof, by reason of any grievance against the Association, Declarant, or any other Owner, or by the abandonment of such Owner's Condominium Unit or his or her interest therein.

K.                  Statement of Assessments. The Association or its representative shall, upon payment to the Association of a reasonable fee as set by the Board from time to time, furnish to any prospective purchaser or Mortgagee of any Unit, at the written request of the Owner, a written statement as to the amount of the assessments for Common Expense which have become due and are unpaid up to a given date with respect to the Unit to be sold or mortgaged; and, in the case of a sale, the purchaser shall not be liable nor shall the Unit purchased be liable or subject to any lien for any unpaid assessment which has become due and is not shown on such statement for the period of time covered thereby; however, the selling Owner shall remain liable for same and in case of his or her failure or refusal to pay, then the same shall be collectible from all other Owners on a pro-rata basis in proportion to their ownership interest in the Common Elements, and they shall have recourse against the selling Owner; but in the event of a Mortgagee, then the unpaid assessments not shown on the statement for the period of time covered thereby shall remain the obligation of the Owner mortgaging his or her Unit, but the assessment liens securing same as provided for in this Declaration shall be and remain inferior and secondary to the mortgage and liens held by the Mortgagee to whom or for whose information the statement was furnished.

L.                  Common Expense Fund. The Common Expense Fund shall be based upon the aggregate sum which the Board shall from time to time determine is to be paid by all of the Owners to defray estimated Common Expenses.

M.                Failure to Provide Notice of Regular Assessments. In the event of a failure of the Board to issue the annual notice setting forth the amount of the Regular Assessments, the Regular Assessments then in effect shall continue until the Board issues a new notice of Regular Assessments, and said failure shall not be deemed a waiver of any of the provisions of this Paragraph 11.M nor shall it operate to release any Owner from his or her obligations to pay the assessments provided for hereunder.

N.                 Notice to Owners. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Declaration, before the Association may charge an Owner for property damage for which such Owner is liable, or levy a fine for violation of this Declaration, the Bylaws or Rules and Regulations, the Association shall give such Owner a written notice that:

i.                     describes the violation or property damage and states the amount of the proposed fine or damage charge;

ii.                   states that not later than the 30th day after the date of the notice, the Owner may request a hearing before the Board to contest the fine or damage charge;

iii.                 allows the Owner a reasonable time, by a specified date, to cure the violation and avoid the fine, unless the Owner was given notice and a reasonable opportunity to cure a similar violation within the preceding year;

iv.                 the above-described notice may be given by the Association delivering a copy of the notice to an occupant of the Unit. In addition, the Association shall give notice of a levied fine or damage charge to the Owner within thirty (30) days after the date of levy.

2.                 Obligations of Owners and Owner Action

Without limiting the obligations of an Owner, each Owner shall: (i) pay all Assessments, late fees, interest, and other charges properly levied by the Association against the Owner or the Owner's Unit, and shall pay all Regular Assessments without demand by the Association; (ii) comply with this Declaration, the Bylaws, the Rules and Regulations, and any amendments thereto; (iii) pay for damage to the Condominium caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of the Owner, an occupant of the Owner's Unit, or the Owner's or occupant's family, guests, employees, contractors, agents or invitees; and (iv) be liable to the Association for violations of the Declaration, the Bylaws, the Rules and Regulations, and any amendments thereto, by the Owner, an occupant of the Owner's Unit, or the Owner's or occupant's family, guests, employees, agents, or invitees, and for costs incurred by the Association to obtain compliance, including attorneys' fees, whether or not suit is filed. Without limiting the other legal rights of any Owner or the Association, legal action may be brought by the Association, in its sole discretion, on behalf of two (2) or more Owners as their respective interests may appear with respect to any cause of action relating to the Common Elements appurtenant to more than one Condominium Unit. All costs incurred by the Association as a result of such legal action shall be borne in their entirety by the Association.

3.                 Insurance

A.                  Owner's Insurance. Each Owner shall be responsible, at his or her cost and expense, for his or her own personal insurance on the contents of his or her Unit (specifically including glass and windows appurtenant to the Unit) and his or her additions and improvements thereto, and his or her decorations and furnishings and personal property therein to the extent not covered by the insurance obtained by the Association, as well as his or her personal liability to the extent not covered by the liability insurance for all of the Owners which may be obtained by the Association as a Common Expense.

B.                  Association's Insurance. The Association shall purchase and maintain policies of insurance and fidelity bond coverage in accordance with the requirements of the Act and the requirements of the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, as they may be amended from time to time. To the extent not inconsistent with the foregoing, the Association shall obtain and continuously keep in effect, to the extent reasonably available, the Master Policy of fire and extended coverage, vandalism, malicious mischief and liability insurance, and, if required by law or deemed necessary or desirable by the Board, worker's compensation insurance, with respect to the Condominium and the Association's administration thereof in accordance with the following provisions:

i.                     Parties Covered. The Master Policy shall be purchased by the Association for the benefit of the Association, Managing Agent (if any), and each and every Owner and their respective Mortgagees, as their interests may appear (subject to the provisions of the Condominium Documents and the Act), the cost of which shall be a Common Expense, and provision shall be made for the issuance of appropriate mortgagee endorsements to Mortgagees.

ii.                   Coverage

a)              To the extent such insurance is reasonably available, the Buildings and all Common Elements shall be insured against fire, vandalism and malicious mischief, and other perils covered by a standard extended coverage endorsement (with appropriate endorsement to cover fixtures, installations or additions comprising a part of the Buildings within the unfinished and finished interior surfaces of the perimeter walls, floors and ceilings of individual Units initially installed (originally constructed finishes and surface), or replacements thereof, in accordance with the original plans and specifications for the Condominium, specifically referring to and including the interior walls of each Unit and originally constructed finishes and surfaces), in an amount equal to the replacement cost thereof, excluding the costs of excavations, foundations and footings, as determined annually by the Board. The Board may obtain an appraisal in determining insurable value and the cost thereof shall be an expense of the Association. The Association may, in its sole discretion, elect to carry insurance to cover such other perils as from time to time shall be customarily covered with respect to buildings and improvements similar in construction, location and use.

b)              The Association shall also maintain, to the extent reasonably available, commercial general liability insurance, including medical payments insurance, in an amount determined by the Board of Directors, covering all occurrences commonly insured against for death, bodily injury, and property damage arising out of or in connection with the use, ownership or maintenance of the Common Elements and shall contain, if available, cross-liability endorsements or appropriate provisions for the benefit of Owners, individually and as a group, Directors, and Managing Agent (if any) insuring each insured against liability to each other insured.

c)               If the property insurance and/or the liability insurance described above are not reasonably available, the Association shall cause notice of that fact to be delivered or mailed to all Owners and Mortgagees.

d)              The property and liability insurance policies obtained by the Association shall provide that: (a) each Owner is an insured Person under the policy with respect to liability arising out of such Owner's Percentage of Common Interest Ownership or membership in the Association; (b) the insurer waives its right to subrogation under the policy against an Owner or the Association; (c) no action or omission of an Owner, unless within the scope of the Owner's authority on behalf of the Association, will void the policy or be a condition to recovery under the policy; (d) if, at the time of a loss under the policy, there is other insurance in the name of an Owner covering the same property covered by the policy, the Association's policy shall provide the primary insurance; and (e) the insurer issuing the policy may not cancel or refuse to renew the policy less than thirty (30) days after written notice of the proposed cancellation or nonrenewal has been mailed to the Association.

e)              The Association shall also carry, if available, fidelity coverage against dishonest acts on the part of Directors, Owners, the Managing Agent (if any), security officers, and any other person (including volunteers, with an appropriate endorsement if required) handling funds belonging to or administered by the Association. Such fidelity coverage shall be for not less than $100,000.

f)                Deductible. The Master Policy may have a deductible of not more than $10,000.00 per occurrence

iii.                 Premiums. All premiums for insurance purchased by the Association shall be included in the Association's budget in accordance with Paragraph 11.C hereof, except that the amount of increase over such premiums occasioned by the use, misuse, occupancy or abandonment of a Unit or the Common Elements by an Owner shall be assessed only against such Owner.

iv.                 Proceeds of Insurance. Proceeds of all insurance policies owned by the Association shall be payable to the Association, shall be deposited by the Association in a federally insured bank, shall be held in a separate account and shall be distributed to the Association, Owners and their Mortgagees (subject to the provisions of the Condominium Documents and the Act) as their interests may appear; provided, however, whenever repair or reconstruction of the Condominium shall be required as provided in Paragraph 14 hereof, the proceeds any insurance received by the Association as a result of any loss requiring repair or reconstruction under this Declaration shall be administered by the Association and shall be applied to such repair or reconstruction, save and except for any claims the Association may have against any Owner for payment of the deductible on any insurance claim.

v.                   Appointment of Attorney-in-Fact. Each Owner, by acceptance of a deed or other instrument of conveyance from Declarant or from any Owner or granter resulting in ownership of a Condominium Unit, shall be deemed to appoint the Association as his or her true and lawful attorney-in-fact (which shall be deemed to be an irrevocable power of attorney coupled with an interest and not voidable due to the incapacity or disability of an Owner) to act in connection with all matters concerning the maintenance of the Master Policy and the destruction, repair or obsolescence of the Condominium, in whole or in part. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Association, by and through its President or Vice President, shall have full power and authority to purchase and maintain such insurance, to collect and remit the premiums therefor, to collect proceeds, to institute and prosecute litigation or arbitration, to pay all costs associated with its activities as Common Expenses (to the extent the proceeds received from such insurance are not adequate to pay such costs), to administer the distribution of such proceeds in connection with any reconstruction or repair, to distribute any remaining proceeds to Owners and their Mortgagees (subject to the provisions of the Condominium Documents and the Act) as their interests may appear, to execute releases of liability, and to execute all documents and to do all things on behalf of the Owners and the Condominium as shall be necessary or convenient to the accomplishment of the foregoing; and any insurer may deal exclusively with the Association in regard to such matters (other than exercising any voting rights in determining whether to repair or reconstruct). The Association shall not be responsible for procurement or maintenance of any insurance covering the contents or the interior of any Unit (except to the extent available by endorsement as herein provided) or covering the liability of any Owner for occurrences not caused by or connected with the Association's operation, maintenance or use of the Condominium.

vi.                 Priority as to Proceeds. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, no provision contained herein or in the Condominium Documents shall give an Owner or any other party priority over any Mortgagee with respect to the distribution of proceeds of insurance to which such Owner or other party would not otherwise be entitled.

vii.               Waiver of Subrogation. The Association and the Owners shall use their best efforts to see that all insurance carried by an Owner or the Association shall contain appropriate provisions whereby the insurer waives its right of subrogation as to any claims against Owners or the Association and the respective tenants, servants. agents, and guests of Owners or the Association, as the case may be, and the Association and the Owners, by their acceptance or recordation of a Deed, hereby waive any and all claims and rights of subrogation against each other to the extent of any damage or injury for which insurance is required to be maintained under this Declaration.

4.                 Termination of Condominium; Reconstruction or Repair; Condemnation.

A.                  Termination of Condominium Project

The Condominium shall continue indefinitely unless and until it is terminated as provided in this Declaration or by agreement of the Owners holding at least eighty percent (80%) of the votes in the Association (other than those held by the Declarant, or any other Declarant or builder) or First Mortgagees holding eighty percent (80%) of the First Mortgages (based on one vote for each First Mortgage held). The agreement of the Owners or First Mortgagees to terminate (and, if the Condominium is to be sold, the terms of sale) must be evidenced by their execution of a Termination Agreement (or a ratification thereof) in the same manner as a deed, by the requisite number of Owners and First Mortgagees. The Termination Agreement and all ratification thereof must be recorded in the Real Property Records of the County of Polk and is effective only upon recordation. After the recording of the Termination Agreement, the Condominium may be sold, and the Association, on behalf of the Owners, may contract for such sale, on the terms set forth in the Termination Notice. The Association has all power necessary and appropriate to effect the sale and until the sale has concluded and the proceeds have been distributed the Association continues in existence with all the powers it had before termination. Proceeds of the sale must be distributed to the Owners and lienholders as their interest may appear, in accordance the provisions set forth below: Unless otherwise specified in the Termination Agreement, until title to the Project has been transferred pursuant to a sale, each Owner and its successors in interest have an exclusive right to occupancy of the portion of the real estate that formerly constituted the Unit. During the period of that occupancy, each Owner and the Owner's successors in interest remain liable for all assessments and other obligations imposed upon the Owners by the Act or this Declaration. Following termination of the Condominium, the proceeds of any sale of real estate, together with any insurance proceeds (if the termination occurs in connection with a damage or destruction) and the assets of the Association are held by the Association as trustee for the Owners and the holders of the liens on the Condominium Units as their interest may appear. If the Condominium is not to be sold following termination, on termination title to the Condominium vests in the Owners as tenants in common in proportion to their respective interests, and liens on the Units shift accordingly. While the tenancy in common exists, an Owner and the Owner's successors in interest have an exclusive right to occupy the portion of the Project that formerly constituted the Owner's Unit.

i.                     The respective interests of the Owners are as follows:

a)              except as provided in subparagraph b) immediately below, the respective interests of the Owners are the fair market values of their Units, interest in the General Common Elements, and any Limited Common Elements before termination, as determined by one or more independent appraisers selected by the Association. The decision of the independent appraisers shall be distributed to the Owners and becomes final unless disapproved within thirty (30) days after distribution by Owners holding at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the total votes in the Association. The proportion of any Owner's interest to that of all Owners is determined by dividing the fair market value of that Owner's Condominium Unit by the fair market value of all Condominium Units;

b)              if any Unit or any Limited Common Element is destroyed to the extent that an appraisal of the fair market value thereof prior to destruction cannot be made, the proportionate interest of each Owner shall be their Common Interest Ownership immediately before termination.

The proceeds available for distribution to the holders of interests in the Condominium Units after a termination shall be allocated to each Condominium Unit in accordance with its proportionate interest as provided above and each Condominium Unit's share of such proceeds shall be deposited into a separate account identified by the Condominium Unit designation and the name of the Owner and First Mortgagee thereof. From each separate account, the Association, as attorney-in-fact, shall forthwith use and disburse the total amount of such account, without contribution from one account to another, toward payment of the liens encumbering the Condominium Unit represented by such separate account, in the following order: (a) for the payment of taxes and special assessment liens in favor of any assessing entity;

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